Research and Development

The continuous, forward-looking and innovative development of our component parts and process-related solutions is evaluated as core activity. To reach this aim, the experienced and qualified team in our research and development centre at Stadthagen, which has been trained for the different fields of application, carries out continuous examinations and development works at the customers by means of demonstration plants and also by means of test series at large-scale plants.

At our research and development centre we are operating among other things a demonstration plant for examinations in the field of crude gas sorption. In case of need this plant is running in fully-automatic 24-h operation. Relevant measured values are continuously recorded.

In addition to basic examinations and based on the requirements of the corresponding application regarding dry temperature, dew point, HCl and SO2 content, we are determining with this plant for our customers in test series over several days the advantageous process-related plant design as well as the additive powder consumption to be expected with observance of the requested emission levels in the clean gas.

Furthermore, demonstration plants in different sizes are available for use on site. These filters are running in automatic 24-h operation. Relevant measuring data are continuously measured and recorded and evaluated by means of up-to-date acquisition systems. Resulting from a large number of practical experiences, a conversion of collected test results to the design of large-scale plant is reliably possible and without any limitations.

Measurements and test series for fundamental examinations or optimisation measures at large-scale plants complete our activities in the field of research and development. Besides measures for the optimisation of operating costs, i.a. with regard to the energy consumption or additive powder consumption, special emphasis is often given to comparing examinations of different needle felt qualities. It will be possible to realise comparing measurements of single flat-bags regarding the throughput capacity over a longer period of time. After dismounting of sample bags, advanced examinations can be realised in our testing laboratory.

Examinations in the field of research and development are both realised for our customers with regard to the corresponding application and in the scope of fundamental examinations for our own developments.

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