Chemical analysis

We are realising gas and particle analysis on site or also in our chemistry laboratory at our head office in Stadthagen.

Chemistry lab

In situ analysis

Gas analysis
Continuous measuring instruments are available for the gas analysis of a large number of components. The concentrations of other gas ingredients will be determined by means of sample taking on site with subsequent evaluation in the laboratory or, if possible, directly at the place of measurement. We are amongst others realising the following measurements:

  • gas composition regarding O2, CO2 and humidity
  • acid crude gases such as HCl, HF, SO2
  • NOx
  • hydrocarbon
  • mercury

Further gas ingredients such as heavy metals or dioxins/furanes will be analysed in external laboratories after sample taking by us.

Particle analysis
The particle analysis realised in large parts in our chemistry laboratory but also on site, comprise amongst others

  • the mechanical features of particles such as apparent density, grain size, flow behaviour
  • the chemical composition particularly for the determination of utilisation of additive powders (residual calcium content, residual sodium carbonate content, chloride, fluoride, sulphate, sulphite). We are also offering to our customers the possibility of an on-site analysis.
  • Combustion-related features, i.a. hot bearing test
  • Examinations by means of optical microscope

If required we will arrange for complete analysis of dust samples with regard to the chemical composition in external laboratories.

Your personal contact in our head office:

Dr. Thilo Weißert

Phone: +49 5721-708-450