Flat-bag testing

The availability of a plant mainly depends on the satisfying condition of the installed flat-bags with regard to

  • the gas flow rate to ensure the complete gas and particle collection at the extraction point and
  • the residual particle content in the clean gas for the observance of the requested emission limit values in continuous operation.

Therefore it is of particular importance for each plant operator to be aware of the actual condition and particularly of the remaining service time of the used filter bags. In this respect we are offering you examinations of the flat-bags installed in your filtration plant in our flat-bag testing laboratory.

The examinations below are realised as a matter of routine:

  • visual inspection of supplied flat-bags
  • determination of geometric data
  • weighing of particle content
  • control of efficiency of filter regeneration measures regarding the air-to-cloth ratio

    • condition upon delivery
    • cleaning simulated as in process filtration plant
    • special compressed air cleaning
    • manual cleaning with lances
    • cleaning with brushes
  • residual breaking strength by means of force-expansion diagram
  • microscopic examination of filter fabric and of filter dust incl. microscopic single grain measurement
  • in case of need examination of dust layer and if necessary of filter fabric concerning relevant parameters, typical e.g. pH-value, alkalinity, petroleum ether extract.

The results of examination will be submitted to you in a detailed report. Of course this report also informs about the expected remaining service life and, if necessary, makes proposals concerning a process optimisation. If a new equipment of filtration plant is advisable, we will prepare a quotation for spare bags, taking under consideration the test results and based on our comprehensive, long lasting practical experience.

New equipment for filters delivered and mounted by LUEHR FILTER will of course be supplied with an adequate new service life warranty.

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